How the Cost of D&O Insurance For Nonprofits Can Affect Your Nonprofit

D&O insurance is a contract between a commercial insurer and a non-profit. The insurance carrier will pay a regular premium and the insurer guarantees a certain amount of coverage. If a third party were to injure your property, the cost of medical care can be overwhelming if you don’t have coverage. In many situations, it’s not practical to bear the cost of medical care all on your own. Many organizations that work with external insurance carriers who are selling insurance can provide coverage while reducing their overhead. For these organizations, the cost of D&O insurance is an important factor.

According to The Hartford, directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance covers personal resources of company directors and officers, as well as their partners, in the event that they are held liable for actual or alleged wrongdoings in managing an organization.

cost of d&o insurance for nonprofits
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Nonprofits are a great example of how the cost of insurance for nonprofits can make a difference. While it’s certainly true that any organization needs to have leads for insurance to stay afloat, the question becomes whether the cost of D&O is justified. Since any commercial insurer will insure businesses of a certain size, any organization with a large enough stake in the local community can be included. Even if a business doesn’t directly contribute to the community, its presence can influence people who do. Having a cheap source of health care is one way to attract donations, which in turn can fund projects and services that benefit the community.

Of course, the costs don’t stop there while selling insurance. While the organization is providing a service to the community, the services it performs may be seen as a form of self-satisfaction. When an individual uses your services, they may feel a sense of pride or indebtedness. That satisfaction is, in turn, based on their feeling of financial security during insurance sales.

Another Essential Benefit From the Cost of D&O Insurance for Nonprofits

Another way the cost of D&O insurance for nonprofits can make a difference is when you’re deciding whether or not to open a business in the area. If your nonprofit has helped to establish a safe community and maintains a strong educational program, chances are a local catering business would be a good choice. However, it’s unlikely that you’d find someone who could cook all the meals. In addition, the cost of supplies and equipment would add up quickly. It’s simply more cost-effective to purchase commercial food equipment.

If you work with people who are on a budget, this financial reality from an independent insurance agency can greatly affect the type of services you offer. If your community needs food, you might find yourself searching for low-cost providers. Otherwise, if you’re worried about the cost of D&O insurance, you’ll likely want to offer high-quality services and have them prepared well. Otherwise, your nonprofit will suffer.

There’s an old saying that says you should never borrow money for your business. The cost of D&O insurance for nonprofits is the same. Don’t risk the financial stability of your organization just to save a few dollars. Invest in a quality product and save yourself the trouble. There’s no shame in doing so!

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