How Much Penalty for Selling Insurance Without a License Should You Pay?

Everyone who intentionally offers, negotiates, or solicits insurance without the required state license is accused of a Class B punishable offense by up to ten years in prison. And they have to pay a criminal charge of up to $25,000 for each infraction, according to Washington law. Penalty for selling insurance without a license can cause major financial loss. So, always sell insurance by following state rules.

Selling insurance is not like selling any other product or service. It is a process that buyers cannot see, touch or feel. Sell at the buyer’s fears. When selling insurance in Georgia, insurance agents sell their experience, confidence, and ideas. At the same time, buyers are better educated. Before selling insurance, you need a license. You will have to face a penalty for selling insurance without a license.

You have many more options, and although strong relationships have been used to dominate the game. According to, Millennials and Gen Z will together employ 75% of the global workforce by 2025. As you look through the generations, it can be to your advantage to develop unique insurance marketing strategies for selling insurance. As you approach different generations, you must approach it differently. Therefore, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, and Generation Z all require unique strategies.

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Selling Insurance with License to Baby Boomers

Those born between 1946-1964 are Baby Boomers. Firstly, the best way to sell insurance from an insurance carrier to them is to be upfront. This generation values being straightforward. They have either retired or are getting close to their retirement. In fact, by population, they are still one of the largest groups.

Moreover, this generation finds it difficult to naturally adapt to modern technologies. According to Statista, 69% of adults aged 50-64 use online platforms. They are active on social media. The majority of these people saw the e-mail. Therefore, an insurance agent brokerage firm finds approaching them through email marketing a good way to go.

Selling Insurance with License to Generation X

Gen X are born between 1965-1980. They are known as the smallest generation. The group only consists of 66 million. This generation is a comparatively backward group of people. Managing funds is challenging for this generation of people.

So, own your own insurance agency and cater to this generation. They exhibit high brand loyalty. Offering need-specific products is important. Using different means of marketing and sell insurance in a smart way to get hold of this generation.

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Selling Insurance– Generation Y (Millennials)

Millennials are the largest generation group. They prefer the digital way of getting connected. They find the use of social media the best form of communication. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest appeals to this generation. Leverage these platforms with the help of an independent insurance brokerage can make them your potential clients.

Their investment priorities differ too. There seems to be a generational divide when it comes to investment behavior. Agents must be mindful of such factors as well.

Selling Insurance to Generation Z

Gen Z was born between 1997-2012. Bloomberg predicted that they will account for nearly one-third of the world’s population by 2019. They might as well outnumber the millennial population. Gen Zers have always had information at their fingertip because of technological advancements. Furthermore, as the use of technology increases, the risks of cybercrime increase as well. So, the need for cyber security insurance has been a priority.

Not only for customers with high technology, the need for cyber liability insurance is also increasing for insurance agents. It is because they work with customer’s data. And if someone steals or corrupts the data, agents could be at risk.

This generation looks forward to the future with a broader view of the world. Additionally, this generation thinks outside the box. Since they are a younger generation they instinctively wish to explore. They believe in unlearning and relearning. While selling insurance in Georgia, keep in mind that they value trust like anything. Live up to the expectations of your customers.

Lastly, find out selling insurance from home salary.

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